TOOaPICNIC consists of a series of four banks with a wide range of applications. You can use them in the office, in restaurants, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms and the like.

We have the series, with the variants TOOaPICNIC Share, Chill, Chill+ and Hide, carefully composed. Each variant has a specific application and thus its own character. Particularly in an environment of Alternative Working Practices furniture should be obvious. The function of a piece of furniture does not need to be explained and must invite for use.

TOOaPICNIC can be expanded with various accessories such as an integrated power supply for laptops and mobile phones. Also two TOOaPICNIC setups can be coupled together with an extra large table top. This creates in a simple way a four-persons work area

Designed by Jules Vreeswijk (TOOtheZOO) and Joost Waltjen (Waltjen Design)